Did You know...

...that a few Years ago, there exists a website which seemed to be an official Rochelle Swanson Fansite?

One clarification in advance: Maybe Rochelle was the real registrant of the domain Finally, this domain was offered to sell - and I bought it. The other Domain, was dropped a few Years ago and finally I registered it. Please dont get into confusion, these domains are now associated with my project and there isnīt any current connection to Rochelle yet. But perhaps she will look for it sometime and so sheīll find this project. Therefor I got it!

I found that website which seemed to be Rochelleīs site by typing "" as a joke. At that time that site only contained one page. Look at the screenshot in the subsection - version 1 . That was the only page for more than six months. Unfortunately I didnīt have the heart to send her a mail, as I did not find the right words for the things I wanted tell and ask her. Then, when I finally changed my mind, the service was probably down - I never got a response to my mail. Or maybe she misunderstood me. Shortly after that, end of 2000, the site became removed and for over six weeks nothing happened.

After that, a new home page with a new cover picture was set up. It contained a message, which told You, that Rochelle and her Webdesigner had parted company and the website is "relaunched" soon. And yes, they released a new version a few weeks later. Not free but with a "members area" and You had to register and pay to get access to it. This was controlled by the AdultCheck-system and You needed a credit card for registration. Well, first i had no credit card at that time and secondly I didnīt want to support the AdultCheck-system. A few weeks after that, I became too inquisitive to resist and requested a fucking credit card and was waiting for getting it. And, greetings to Murphy, the complete website was dropped two days (!) before I could get access to it! So, first, I had a credit card then, which I didnīt need anymore. That was annoying, but it was the slightest problem. So much the worse was the fact, that Iīve never accessed the members area by myself! I got very angry of myself as I was aware of the importance of this potential valueable inforesource!

The first version of the website was connected with the domain, perhaps it was connected with as well - I did not try this at that time. The website was also connected with for about six months! F2s is an acronym for "freedom2surf(.com)". F2s is a low-budget provider. I donīt know, why the website was hosted at f2s at the end, Itīs just a mystery. But there are a few circumstances, which are much more interesting: Firstly, what did the members area contain? Was there really a complete biography? Secondly: They removed the site - what happened there? This project had a satisfactory size. They did not even leave a message! I tried to find an answer for this, but nobody knew anything! But in face of my declining attitude to fansites with paid content, I still think, itīs a pity - mainly, if that was the only way for fans to communicate with Rochelle! The particular webmasters never get much money in that AdultCheck-system, so I donīt think, this was a for-profit project!

However, I didnīt like the way, they presented Rochelle. She was treated more like an object instead of a human-being! In view of her charisma and the endearing nature and warmth she seems to have (at least radiates), I think they had better created more personal site with a stronger relation to Rochelle.

Some screenshots were only possible by using, the internet wayback machine. Interestingly, pages of the restricted members area can be found there, too, but unfortunately not the biography or other stuff with personal data of Rochelle. was for sale since 2003, was dropped even earlier! Here You can see the result of a whois-query of in 2002:

   Rochelle Swanson - c/o CMG Incorporated
   9899 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 113
   Beverly Hills, CA 90212
   United States
   phone: 310-474-8500
   fax: 000-000-0000

Besides the question, why that webproject was dropped so abruptly, there are some interesting things, which catched my eye. The initial request of Rochelle for sending her videocaptures of the movies she appeared in is, in my humble opinion, a little bit curious as You can buy a video capture interface everywhere. Okay, most interfaces arenīt pretty reliable - maybe she tried it and became annoyed by hardware-bugs (I became annoyed by unreliable interfaces too and I know the anger about it - after many hours of wasted time You can become so annoying, You just want to throw the fucking interface out of the window). Another astonishing thing is the fact, that there are emblems of german broadcast-stations "Sat.1", "Pro7" and "rtl2" in approximately 50% of the movie-snapshots contained in the website in version 3! So itīs assumed, that Rochelle has a fan-community in germany, too - or it is all from one person that captured it! Another curious circumstance: There is NO information about her site! Astonishinly no one I asked knew anything about it! And there are no postings in any open discussion-board relating to that topic! Last, but not least: I bought the domain from a canadian man and I have absolutely no idea how this guy got ownership of that domain! Curious!!!

If I will find out anything else, You can be sure to find it here! And if you have information that I donīt, I would appreciate it, to receive an email sent to fenta(AT) from you. Or start a relating topic in our discussion-board.


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