All known facts about Rochelle Swanson

First: These pages contain all the personal data about Rochelle I could get in the last Years. Attention: All facts are from different sources - I can't guarantee for the truth of these facts, but the sources of which they were taken from can be classified as reliable (the summary of sources is at the bottom of this page).

Rochelle Swanson is mystic in many ways. There are only a few known facts about her and it seems that nobody has taken the trouble to set up an infobase yet - why ever! I actually do not unterstand this as during all the hours I spent looking for details about her person, I occasionally read opinions of fans and also people who just watched a few of her films, which were almost all positive - so she cannot be an unregarded actress.

It seems, that Rochelle is a very emotional and sensitive woman who likes to get touched tenderly. The kind how she touches other persons in most of the movies in which she appeared in, is indescribable sensual and intensive. Of course, the scenes of the movies are given by the screenplay and, as an actress, she plays a role, but no actress can hide her nature and her special preferences completely. Rochelle performs very good and realistic because it's her job, but I think she has to like what she does at least a bit to achieve such a realistic performance.

It's a pity, that Rochelle has only appeared in B-movies yet. However, her participation in "An American Reunion" (2003) was a good decision, a step towards the right direction as the quality of this production exceeds that of the typical B-movie.

Rochelle Swanson is certainly her real name as it's part of her (maybe former) address.

PicLook at the picbase
NameRochelle Swanson
Alternative namesRhoda Swanson, Nina Lee
Height5'6"' (This value is of 1995, potentially it has been increased since that time!)
Weight110lb (This value is of 1995, probably it has been changed since that time!)
Cup-sizeUnknown, probably E
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorHazel
Date of birth06-12-1961
Playce of birthSeattle, Washington, USA
Marital statusUnknown
CarreerModel/Actress/[to be completed]
Acting education
  • Larry Moss Studio
  • Howard Fine scene study
  • Margie Haber's cold reading workshop
  • Bobby Hoffman's cold reading workshop
  • Barbara Shannon TV/Film edition techniques
  • Multimedia art TV/Film and Gordon Jump commercial workshop
  • San Diego State University Theater
Skills (The following statements are from a resume of Richard Sindell Associates. It's unclear how capable she is exactly, and if the statements relates to real languages or the specific dialects of each language)
  • Languages: Standard britisch, french, italian, spanish, cartoon-voices, dialects (southern, brooklyn)
  • Aerobics
  • Billards
  • Bowling
  • Darts
  • Firearms
  • Running
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Weight lifting
  • Fight experience
  • Piano
Agencies which supported RochelleThe Bigley Agency (Bigley Group)
Cindy Romano Talent Agency
Richard Sindell Associates
Probably there are more Agencies which supported Rochelle.
First TV/movie-produktion1992
Movies/produktionen with herLook at "Filmography"
CharacteristicsThere is hardly any approved information about Rochelle's real nature! Julie Strain told me, that Rochelle was sweet and a little bit shy at the production of "Sorceress". She seems to be an emotional, benign ans chary kind of Woman, but simultaneously, she also appears to be experienced, intellectual and confident. But like I explained, there aren't any other approved Details about her.
What she likesUnknown
What she doesn't likeUnknown
Sexual preferenceA lot of people think that she prefers hetero-sexual contacts, but that's not officially approved by her yet!
Religious denominationUnknown
Further informationResigned Miss San Diego of 1984, Penthouse Pet of Jan.84 (Nina Lee)

Resources: Internet Move Database (imdb),
Resume of the Bigley Agency,
Resume of Richard Sindell Associates
Julie Strain
Rochelle Swanson


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