Opinions about Rochelle

Unfortunately there aren´t very much opinions on the internet relating to Rochelle but those, you can find, are nearly always positive. Regrettably, most of these opinions relate only to her body, then again there´s nearly no information about her real nature, and as a result of that, almost nobody speak one´s mind about that. If you can contribute more opinions (with references), register (for free) in our open discussion board and submit a post into the relating topic!

Comment about Hard Bounty:

"The three beauties Kelly LeBrock, Kimberly Kelley and Rochelle Swanson are really worth to watch. Give this movie a chance. You will not be disappointed"

Comments about Secret Games 3:

"Well, I have seen this movie tonight and I liked it a lot. Rochelle is simply voluptuously beautiful, very seductive and at the same time a little shy. But she is not only beautiful, she performed very well in this role, very convincing. OK, I know American actresses are very good in their job, unlike Italian ones who only think they are. I have seen another Rochelle's movie only: Hard Bounty. I liked it but Secret Games 3 is even better. A must and not only for Rochelle fans. I give it and above all to her a 10!"

"Rochelle Swanson's beautiful and sensual body, especially, when she takes off her luxurious cloths, with her dark hair and full chest. She also express the hunger of most rich neglected housewives."

"Okay, weak story; this is soft-porn after all. However, Rochelle Swanson is at the most beautiful and delectable i have ever seen her, leaving me a huge fan."

"The only reason for watching this movie is Rochelle Swanson. She (used to be a model) looks absolutely terrific in this movie - with and without her clothes."

Comment about Droid Gunner:

"Rochelle Swanson turns in a strong performance as a technician assigned to assist Marc Singer in recovering 4 'pleasure droids' which have been smuggled into Phoenix for eventual shipment to New Angeles."

Comments about Mutual Needs:

"Rochelle is a lush brunette, who could easily reign as Queen of Late-Night Cable Land, were it not for a certain deadly coyness. Exhibit A is a torrid private dance for our victim. Admittedly, she looks terrific in black and the garter-belt, stockings and high heels are a nice fetish touch. But after a few charming moves, only the bra disappears and the scene segues into another routine session of bumping bodies"

"The escort, Rochelle Swanson, is one of my all time favorite actresses and she does her nude scenes well in this film."

"I found Rochelle Swanson and the girl who played her roommate to be extremely hot!!! I was so turned on, that I had to attack my wife later!! In a fun way!!"

Comment from a Wikipedia-user (Rochelle Swanson discussion page at german Wikipedia):

"Heute sah ich mir einen vor langer Zeit selber aus dem Fernsehen aufgenommen Softsexfilm wieder an (Secret Games 2). Der Film war optisch extrem ästhetisiert, sehr vorhersehbar und reichlich doof. Diese Rochelle Swanson ist jedoch eine außergewöhnliche Schönheit, auch bekleidet! Sie hat eine sehr sinnliche und dabei auch sehr warme Ausstrahlung. Über Google konnte ich kein einziges Foto finden! Nur ein paar Screenshots und kostenpflichtige Filmausschnitte. Wirklich seltsam. Zu Schade, dass diese Frau keine Karriere machte. Sie soll auch einen Kurzauftritt in "Eine schreckling nette Familie" gehabt haben - und da ist auch so eine ganz, ganz dunkle Erinnerung in mir. Sie hat sich wohl letztlich die falschen Rollen ausgesucht. Ihr (u-n-g-l-a-u-b-l-i-c-h-e-r!) Busen war so rückblickend ihr Pech. Erfreulich, dass der menschliche Eindruck, den ihr Gesicht vermittelt, durch dieses Zitat einer Kollegin voll bestätigt wurde*. Sie wirkt sehr freundlich und eher zurückhaltend. Nach diesem subjektiven Eindruck vermute auch ich, dass sie Mutter und Ehefrau ist." *Hinweis: Dort wurde Bezug genommen zu einem Kommentar von Julie Strain, zu finden hier (Punkt zwei).


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