Preamble: Our adminteam consist of the founder and rootadmin (Fenta) and maybe users which have moderator-privileges, given by an admin.

The following rules apply to all content which is associated with, the personal message system of the forum and itīs email-function. You have to obey them, if you want to use this service!

1. Responsibility/disclaimer: We (the founder/admins behind this project) can not be held responsible for any trouble which causes on downtimes of this service or parts of it (like data loss) or any disadvantages caused by server-compromise or similar inconviences except for problems that base on our negligence. We further can not be held responsible for information and other stuff (photos, videos, ...) which has been made available by other users. All information inside the infobase was taken from reliable sources and we maintain the infobase in all conscience. Anyway, we canīt guarantee the truth of it. Altgough we spend a lot of time for this project, we canīt check every posting inside the discussion board for correctness. Every posting only reflects the opinion of its author which are not inavitably conform to our point of view or the position of the Rochelle Swanson infobase project. We distance from content of external pages. Every user who is bothered by another userīs posting can report this to us!

2. Privacy / data security: The personal data of our users (email-addresses, IPs, ...) are used only as required for technical purposes inside the project. No data records are accessible by others and we keep care to ensure integrity of it. Moderators canīt access private data records, as this is an admin privilege. Moderators canīt get admin-status, this is limited to Fenta, millon and perhaps Rochelle, if she wants participate here. Besides them, only server-admins can access the database. Unfortunately we canīt solve this inconvience in the next months - this will happen if we migrate from the current shared-account to a root-server.
Data Records are stored on the server and in the form of backups which are protected by us.
If a user wants his data record removed completely, we can do this by request, except for such which are used to prevent mass regitration - in that case we remove them as soon as possible!

3a. Topics and postings: It is NOT allowed to submit pornographic content or content, which offends against applicable law or which impinge upon rights of a third party like whois-results, private messages or emails (naturally private messages or emails may be submitted if sender and recipient agree to that and if no third party is involved). Spam and commercial advertisement are explicit not wanted! Links to private websites of users in signatures are normaly tolerated, promotion-topics for non-commercial user-projects upon approval of an admin. Pleas use the nicknames (usernames) to communicate with other users inside the discussion board, not the real name (except a user wishes this).

3b. Behavoiur inside the board: The admins expect a good, fair and cooperative behaviour on the part of the users. You donīt need to accept insults, but please donīt response with new insults! You can either ignore it (when the insult was not quite despiteful) or report it to a moderator or an admin! alternatively you can contact the user who insulted you via personal message to solve the trouble.
You have to take care that the postings you submit donīt disturb the communityīs peace and the specified normal operation of the board-software!
We offer this service to give fans of Rochelle and interested people a room for an exchange of views. We DONīT wand to support an anti-fansite against rival actors/actresses! Besides this, please pay attention to your word choice. Please avoid invectives and donīt depreciate other people as possible.

3c. User profiles and the choice of nicknames (user names): You shouldnīt use usernames, avatars, signatures and text in profile fields that is obscene, glorifies violence or is otherwise dull! You shouldnīt use a signature that is of immense size and/or contains animated content. Multiple registrations are unwanted.
Attention: The username "Rochelle Swanson" or possible variations of it (like rochelle, Swanson, rswanson, ...) canīt be used for registration for understandable reasons. It is explicit unwanted, that you bypass this safety mechanism by using an exceptional variation to register an account with a username that can easily be associated with Rochelle by other users. The username "Rochelle Swanson" can be used exclusively by herself in case she wants to participate in this project. In that case, an admin manually creates an account with this nick and associates admin-privileges. Then rochelle will get only the login-information for its use. With this procedure we try to prevent fakes.

4. Rights and responsibilities of moderators: We (the admins) canīt watch the forum all the time, although that can be necessary when the community grows and the visits increases. Therefor we can give moderation privileges to thrustworthy users. As a moderator, you can edit profile-data, posts and threads/topics of other users (besides your own of course), you can delete and move posts and threads. You can officially admonish other users, when they misconduct. The basic rule set here applies to moderators as well and a moderatorīs opinion is equivalent to a userīs opinion except for moderation in case of misbehaviour of users or in case of trouble - moderators are authoritative. Moderation privileges are not a status symbol! A moderator gets them so that he/she can accomplish moderation tasks. Every moderator commits to use the moderation privileges in all conscience! An admin can revoke the privileges at any time if a moderator abuses oneīs authority! If a moderator is absent for a long time (a few months and longer), we revoke privileges temporarly to increase security (every extra account with moderation privileges is a potential target for hackers, so if privileges are not needed due to absence ist is better to revoke them for that time) and clearness as a moderator is also a contact for users who need help (new users can directly see the active moderators).
Only the admins decide on new moderators, possibly after consultation with current moderators. Please do not apply for that!
If there are problems in communication between you and a mod, that cannot be solved, be free to contact an admin.

5.: A breach of this rules can result in an admonition via personal message up to a temporary or even permanent ban (exclusion). But donīt worry, we only ban a user temporary or permanently if he misconduct consistently or if the misconduct is exceptionally severe! Normally it will do to point out his mistake via personal message. Some mistakes can cause moderate sanctions like the moderation-queue (that means, your postings have to be approved by an admin or a mod to get published). However, we hate to admonish users as we prefer to be on familiar terms with you - unfortunately sometimes itīs necessary so that other users are protected from insults. Feel free to talk to us, if you have a problem, weīre on your side!

I hope, youīll like the site (and especially the board) and I wish you a nice time here!
With kind regards,
Fenta (rootadmin)