Rochelle Swanson - Who actually is this person?

If you have come to this site just by chance, I will give you a short summary about who it is dealing with.

As the name of this website already says: This project is engaged with Rochelle Swanson, born as Rhoda Swanson, a former actress, model, resigned Miss San Diego, who is - unfortunatley, as I would say, not very known, but talentet and simply wonderful. She mainly acted in so-called B-Movies with an erotic touch and many well-known US-Series. You may certainly know that B-Movies often have just a very limited budget but this does not mean that they are inevitably inferior. Of course, due to the low budget, the risk that such films result in a thin story line in the end is quite high. On the other hand many B-Movies are more candid and pure than their "A-Competetives". Today, the field of B-Movies is manifold and you can find in almost any genre good, fair, and bad films.

I also would like to state here that one should never equate eroticism with porn. There is a big difference! Eroticism tends to passion, sensuality, tenderness, creativeness and also love. Porn is coarse, nothing is hidden, there are no privacy and intimacy and never subtle feelings. Rochelle Swanson was/is NO porn actress!

Well, I am an inquiring person. I like Rochelle and I like webcoding. This, and the fact that obviously no official website or other inofficial fansite does exist, is the reason why I decided to create this project and I would hope to meet here other people who share my interest in Rochelle and who like to exchange information about her.

If you donīt want to play a part here, you may find something other interesting in the link-list. If you want, I welcome you to the Rochelle Swanson Community!