About this project

Welcome to this website! I hope you will like it.

~12 years ago - I was thirteen - I saw Rochelle the first time in a movie named "Night Fire" and for then I am taken with her. Especially her long dark hair, her beautiful face and her mystic eyes have been fascinating me.

Unfortunately, there are just a few information about her; it seems there is no biography and until some month ago I even hadnīt knowledge about her date of birth, not to mention more personal information like her interests and such.

I often had been annoyed a bit that I had to collect the few information that exsist bit for bit from different sources and wished there would be a real fan community. As I presently have quite a lot of free time, I could go ahead with this website project to give other fans and interested people a plattform to exchange information and I hope, that with your help this site will become step by step a comprehensive Inforesource.

Please register in the forum. You can log in quickly and without any costs or credit card-verify. Perhaps you can help me: If you have any information about Rochelle that are not yet provided here or if you see any statement that you can approve or disprove, please send an email to info [AT] rochelleswanson [DOT] net. Maybe you had the occasion to get access to the - supposed - official Rochelle Swanson Website (former during the short period when it was active and can state anything about it. I came too late, unfortunately. If not, your participation in this forum will help to establish a community anyway.

Further data about this site can be found under details, for information about my person, please click here.


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