About me

Perhaps Youīre wondering about the person behind the curious name "Fenta" and maybe You canīt quite imagine, why it is so important for me to set up such a Rochelle Swanson community and inforesource. One fact in advance: My real name is Alex, but looking for a Nickname for internet-activities that relates to my interests, I chose "Fenta". You can find a further description of this on my Detail-page.

I grew up and still live in a small town near Frankfurt/main in Germany. Since Iīm three years old (and perhaps even earlier, I canīt remember that quite), Iīm interested in nearly all technical-related things, especially electricity and water installations. A few years later, I began interesting in computers. Besides that, I really love music since I can remember! And I also like amphibians very much, especially salamanders, as theyīre such cute little animals!

The first Time I saw Rochelle was at the age of 13, on easter-sunday 1996. I saw her in "Night Fire" and became fascinating by this wonderful adult Woman right away! I was impressed of her charismatic radiation of sympathy and positive power, which made me feel good in hard times. At this time, I tried to get further information about her - unfortunately without success. But although I had no information about her nature, I was sure she had to be an endearing, affectionate and powerful human-being. I like and esteem her very much!

In the following years, I saw some other movies Rochelle appeared in, which I liked even more than "Night Fire" (e.g. "Hungry For You"), but my particular interest was with the nature of Rochelle, itīs hard to describe why exactly! Rochelleīs charisma impressed me amazingly at that time - and still does! I attempted more trials to get information about Rochelleīs character, but unfortunately I got only a few parts of information which could be indices at her character.

My life has changed in a few ways, I have had ups and downs, I expanded interests and became a more mature and experienced (and, of course, a little bit more sensible) human-being, especially in the last five years. I got interested in pharmacology and I collected valuable experiences, particularly in the development and installation of electrical and electronical systems (e.g. for building-control). Besides this, I increased my exercises on Keyboard/Piano (and Iīm still thinking through using my creativity for making music professionally in the future, but there are a few aspects which let me be in doubt with this, e.g. cooperating with record labels).

Anyway, there are things, that didnīt change. I still like nature, intellectual challenges and listening to relaxing or stimulating music. And Iīm still calm and emotional and I like privacy as much as a good conversation with very good friends. And, of course, I still like and appreciate Rochelle very much! Maybe itīs hard to understand for others, but this is an intuition-related case. I canīt explain that quite.

However, now Iīm 24 and Iīm preparing myself for univerity entrance. I think, Iīll study electrical engineering to get an interesting job in the power supply engineering, except Iīll find anything thatīs even more interesting for me.

Now the reasons for the building of this site:


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