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I started to plan this website in October 2006. Unfortunately, I had to interrupt this work for a few months as things didnīt evolve as I had expected. Finally, Iīve got the site now as I had imagined before. I had the idea to make a website about Rochelle in the mid of the year 2006. My intention was to develop a free information resource as I am quite sure that there are people who can contribute with information about her that I donīt have. Further, I would be glad to get into contact with persons who like and appreciate Rochelle as well as I do and I hope this site will become a prosperous project. I assume that the domains and were once in the possession of herself. Maybe she will come accross this website sometime and maybe she wants to give some aid tho this project then, which I would appreciate very much.The domain has never been registered before and as was free, I registered it again for the English version of the website. The forum is daesigned for corporate use to give the development of a community a chance - I think most people who are acquainted with her can be found in the USA. I hope, however, there are also German people who know and like her. The table below shows some details and facts. Questions are always welcomed - just register yourself in Forum and ask your question. I will be happy to help you - if I can. You may also send me a mail to fenta[at]


Project creation09-11-2006 - 10-30-2007
Opening dateNovember 01, 2007
Actual version1.0
StandardsW3C HTML 4.01 Strict, W3C HTML 4.01 Transitional, W3C CSS 1, W3C CSS 2
Admin-TeamFenta (founder / rootadmin)
I privately finance the monthly costs of about 5 Euro (~7,5 USD) and I will continue to finance this project on my own expenditure even if costs will increase. I donīt want to have advertisements here.
Used softwareOperating-Framework includes:
Debian GNU/Linux, Apache Webserver 1.3, PHP 4, MySQL 4, Ikonboard 1.3, xNews 1.3

For development and testing: Debian GNU/Linux Sarge/Etch, Apache Webserver 1.3.33-8, PHP 4.3.10-16, mySQL 4.3.10-16, vim 6.3-086+1, Windows XP Professional, Micrografx Picture Publisher 6/10, 2x TextEdit, Mozilla 1.7.12win, Mozilla 1.7.8Linux, Firefox 1.0.7win, Opera 8.5win, Internet Explorer 6.0.2800win


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